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2002 Australia Trip

2004 Australia Trip

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2006 Australia Trip


2008 Australia Trip

2010 Britain

2010 Australia Trip

2011 Quest for Birds


2011 Shed Project

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My first three trips to Australia are shown on the map below. The 2002 trip is shown in blue, the 2004 trip is shown in red, and the 2006 trip is shown in green. Click on a folder above to see my pictures from those trips, or click the Family and Vacation Pictures folder to see some other pictures of mine.

In September/October 2008 I made my fourth trip to Australia. Click the link above (2008 Australia Trip) for information about that trip.

In 2010, I made a birding trip to Britain. Click the link above to see information about that trip.

Also in 2010, I went to Australia for the fifth time. Click the link above (2010 Australia Trip) to see more information about that trip.

In 2011, I undertook a project to see as many species as I could in the year. Click the link above (2011 Quest for Birds) to see more about that.

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