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2014 Birding Reports


In 2014 I plan to once again write a report on each day that I see a new species for the year.† In 2013 I saw a total of 319 species in the Western States, and I would love to exceed that total in 2014.† To do that, Iíll need to go to Southern California and maybe Nevada, as well as do a number of Washington State trips.


I also plan to do something new for me Ė BAD birding, or Bird-A-Day.† Each day I will designate a species of bird that I saw or conclusively heard that day, to be my Bird of the Day.† The idea is to see how long I can go without missing a day of adding a new species.† No carrying over of species Ė each dayís bird must have been seen or heard that day.† Once I miss a day, then it is over.† The main idea is to motivate myself to get out birding every single day, no matter the weather and no matter how many other things Iím doing.† Travel days will be a challenge, and getting sick isnít an option.† I figure I can get through April if I make an effort, and making it through May is within reach if I make a couple of California trips in the first half of the year, although it will be a challenge.† Ultimately, I would like to go halfway through the year, to the end of June, which would be after our annual Yosemite trip.† I probably wonít make it that far, but it should be interesting to see how it goes.† Iíll mention my progress in my regular reports, but there is also a Bird-A-Day web site where I will be entering my bird of the day, each day, for all the world to see.


To see my regular birding reports, which include pictures, click on the month below.† Remember, I plan to write a new report for each day that I see a new species for the year.